propaganda n.
The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

This page contains links to various pieces of information to help you decide to use Aegis (instead of some other F/OSS SCM/VC tool). This page could have been titled Marketing or Advocacy but in the interests of accuracy, it's called propaganda. Little of the material here tries to be balanced, but it does try to be accurate; and, to be accurate, its purpose is to convince you to use Aegis. With the exception of the last two items on this page, the alternatives are hardly mentioned.

The Features page lists the features of Aegis, those SCM tasks it does well. There is also an older list as well.

The Reference Sites page contains site what are happily using Aegis, including contact details.

There is an annotated copy of David Wheeler's Software Configuration Management (SCM) Security paper, showing how Aegis was designed to satisfy a number of security requirements.

There is a page on How to manage software development for startups with Aegis.

What Works In Software Development by Michael G. Schwernn (A good read, good advice, and it mentions Aegis twice.)

Search Google for pages which link to Aegis.

The Diversity page lists some other F/OSS SCM/VC systems, and various comparisons between those systems, should you want additional choice.

CM Crossroads is a mostly vendor-agnostic site for many Configuration Management articles and white papers. A number of CM Crossroads articles are relevant for Aegis users.

The beautiful graphics on this web site are by Grégory Delattre.

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