Other “Aegis” Projects

The word “aegis” is a popular name for projects of many sorts. It has been an English word for hundreds of years, rendering it safe from trademark disputes. Over the years many projects have used this name, though many have a quite tenuous connection with its “protection or defense” meaning. Here are just a few of them:

The Illiad, by Homer Aegis is the term used for the armor of Zeus and of Athena, from which the expression “under the aegis of” meaning “under the protection of” is derived. 1793
Aegis Combat System An integrated combat system built to defend against advanced air, surface, and subsurface threats. 1973
Aegis Operating System A Unix variant that was used on Apollo workstations before Apollo was bought by Hewlett Packard. 1980s
Aegis Animator Try an Atari ST running the impressively powerful Aegis Animator ST. Full-scale, high-level computer animation has finally arrived for the Atari. 1987
Aegis A Software Configuration Management System designed to protect a project's source code repository, and defend it from bad code. 1991
Aegis Australian Environmental Geographic Information System 1994
Aegis AIDS Education Global Information System 1997-12-10
Aegis Operating System Kernel A kernel built around the idea of an exo-kernel. An evolution from micro-kernels, exo-kernels export a virtual machine that securely multiplexes recourses among mutually distrusting applications. 1997-12-11
Abacus Systems Help desk and defect management products. 1998-01-30
Gravity Aegis is the name of the server software used by the Ragnarok Online MMORPG. 1999-01-25
Aegis Industrial Software The digital mind of manufacturing™ 1999-12-12
Aegis Secure Bootstrap System Increases the security of the boot process by ensuring the integrity of bootstrap code. It does this by constructing a chain of integrity checks, beginning at power-on and continuing until the final transfer of control from the bootstrap components to the operating system itself. 2001-04-07
Aegis Consulting Providing strategic information systems consulting services to leading companies in the Health Care industry. 2001-04-10
Aegis Java Virtual Machine An open source effort to develop a lightweight, secure virtual machine for executing Java byte code. 2002-03-29
Aegis Environments The Aegis Microbe Shield® technology protects active apparel and performance equipment by controlling bacteria and fungus. 2003-06-23
Aegis Air-launched Earth-observing Ground Information System. Carlton University student project to design a rapidly deployable air launched micro-satellite system for the purpose of Earth observation. 2003-10-25
Aegis Academic Excellence and Geographic Information Systems. A multidisciplinary effort to introduce students in a variety of lower division Arts and Sciences courses to methods of GIS data gathering, analysis, and representation. 2004-01-04
Aegis European Genebank Integration System. The overall goal of this project is to ensure conservation and continuing use of existing crop genetic diversity in Europe. 2004-06-03
Aarcsoft Aegis is a resource management game set in a medieval fantasy world. 2004-06-15
Aegis Virus Scanner Aegis supports scanning of subdirectories, hidden files and .zip and .tar archive files, and drag-and-drop of files from the Nautilus file browser, or your Gnome desktop. When a virus is detected you can choose to delete, quarantine or rename the file. 2004-06-25
Aegisub Typesetting for video subtitles. 2005-11-04
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