Aegis 4.24
Files for Download

This page contains links to files which may be downloaded. These files include the source code for Aegis, and all of the documentation for Aegis. There are also links to some of the libraries you will need to build Aegis.

The Source Files

File NameDescription
aegis-4.24.README The README file from the tar distribution.
change_log.txt The release notes, detailing what has happened in this release.
aegis-4.24.lsm Brief description in .nf LSM .fi format.
aegis-4.24.spec RedHat package manager (RPM) specification file, from the tar distribution.
aegis-4.24.tar.gz The complete source. The complete source, in aedist format. This is used by Aegis developers and maintainers. (First timers should read the How to become an Aegis Developer section of the howto for instructions.)
aegis-4.24.faq Frequently asked questions, with answers.

Second Sources

Additional Packages

There are some other packages you should get if and install you haven't already...

gettext GNU Gettext internationalization library. (If you have GNU Libc 2.0 or later, you don't need this.)
rx GNU Regular eXpression library, if your system does not already have the regcomp and regexec library calls.
zlib The zlib compression library (implements the GNU Zip compression algorithm). Used to compress change sets for distribution.
bzip2 library The bzip2 compression library (implements the bzip2 compression algorithm). Used to compress change sets for distribution, and to optionally compress Aegis' database.

The Bleeding Edge

Aegis developers (the generous people who work on the Aegis source itself) may access the latest development changes through the Web Interface pages. Not recommended for novices.

There is also an RSS feed for Aegis, so developers can easily track what is happening, and when they need to resync.