List of Changes completed


ChangeState Description 
104 completed change_identifier.is_set() Download
105 completed establish branch contents Download
106 completed link Download
107 completed aemakegen vs autoconf Download
108 completed web links Download
109 completed aeget vs text files Download
110 completed aegis.spec bug Download
111 completed dev branch web dir Download
112 completed string_ty* => nstring conversion (still in progress) Download
113 completed FreeBSD build problem Download
115 completed another Aegis Download
116 completed aemakegen vs libtool Download
117 completed groff linitian warnings Download
118 completed aemakegen vs libtool, take 2 Download
119 completed aemakegen -target=debian Download
120 completed instructions for translators Download
121 completed update vi translation Download
122 completed update nl translation Download
123 completed add the change UUID as revision identifier Download
125 completed time safe related memory leaks Download
126 completed UUID as revision identifier, step 2, backwards compatibility Download
127 completed Save the change's UUID as edit.uuid at integrate pass time Download
128 completed change_branch_uuid_find improvement Download
129 completed aefinish vs awaiting integration Download
130 completed history.uuid and history.when introduced Download
131 completed aedist -rec controls the aeipass behaviour. Download
132 completed aepatch wrong error message Download
133 completed [Bug#477231] aefinish vs. non-existent directory Download
134 completed aemakegen again Download
135 completed Fix t0241a-walt Download
136 completed aeipass sets the history.uuid and history.when fields Download
137 completed nstring::len_printable Download
138 completed time2change and time2delta are now faster Download
139 completed time2change speed up, again Download
140 completed refactor change::~change Download
142 completed asemakegen dh_check Download
143 completed aesub ${project trunk_directory} Download
144 completed refactor nstring(int) Download
145 completed refactor some string reference cvounting Download
146 completed aesub ${change cstate_path} Download
147 completed aesub ${change fstate-path} Download
148 completed refactor change::create Download
149 completed aesub ${change fstate-path} Download
150 completed fmtgen, introspectors Download
151 completed aenf -ind Download
152 completed Define the branch.history.is_a_branch field Download
153 completed branch.history[].is_a_branch is now set Download
154 completed change::reference_count private Download
155 completed branch.history[].is_a_branch hide_if_default Download
156 completed find a change by uuid in less time Download
157 completed Define the branch.history.is_a_branch field Download
158 completed aede-policy crlf file exemption Download
159 completed docs typo Download
160 completed refactor fmtgen, strings Download
161 completed unlink existing files before opening for writing Download
162 completed refactor fmtgen/indent Download
163 completed fmtgen refactor for generator Download
164 completed refactor nstring(int) Download
165 completed aexml refactor Download
166 completed aexml, project files by delta Download
167 completed ael, project files by delta Download
168 completed new file templates Download
169 completed change_identifier::get_historian vs detailed Download
170 completed aecp -ind -o- vs chmod Download
171 completed fmtgen separation of powers Download
172 completed fmtgen, refactor top-level Download
173 completed introspectors Download
174 completed refactor private change::pp Download
175 completed refactor meta-data parser Download
176 completed explain symlink mode times vs aecpu Download
177 completed aefinish vs branch Download
178 completed aeib vs transparent Download
179 completed aefinish vs user home directory again Download
180 completed MOMA link for icon Download
181 completed aefinish --trace passed down Download
182 completed make test dir and its descendants rwx by owner Download
183 completed aedist -receive -output option Download
184 completed refactor project::~project() Download
185 completed DEBUG build glitch Download
186 completed fmtgen, enums Download
187 completed fmtgen, boolean Download
188 completed fmtgen, pass comments through Download
189 completed aefind -bl segfault Download
190 completed aecp -ind -o multiple user permissions set bug Download
191 completed fmtgen, strings Download
192 completed fmtgen, real Download
193 completed fmtgen, time Download
194 completed refactor change::pointer Download
195 completed fmtgen, list Download
196 completed fmtgen, introspectors Download
197 completed aemakegen vs libraries Download
198 completed quoted printable output bug Download
199 completed [aegis-Bugs-2079025] [debian bug #496400] security issue handling with tmp Download
200 completed [aegis-Bugs-2079025] [debian bug 496400] security issue handling with tmp Download
201 completed Doxygen Download
202 completed cvs permutations Download
203 completed fmtgen, introspectors Download
204 completed refactor change::create Download
205 completed typo: make like Download
206 completed fmtgen, enum introspectors Download
207 completed fmtgen, time introspectors, and bit fields Download
208 completed fmtgen, introspectors and line lengths Download
209 completed fmtgen, introspectors compile Download
212 completed fmtgen, introspectors vs metrics Download
214 completed refactor change_alloc Download
215 completed fmtgen, [boolean] Download
216 completed mention LCA code sprint on web site Download
217 completed Doxygen (slightly updated) Download
218 completed More aegis.cgi removal Download
219 completed aesub cmd line options Download
220 completed More aegis.cgi removal Download
221 completed aede-policy AUTHORS file Download
222 completed aemakegen vs installed shared libraries Download
223 completed aede-policy version-info Download
225 completed aemaegen and shared libraries, again Download
226 completed aemaegen:version-info project attribute Download
227 completed gpl-version to cope with LGPL Download
228 completed aemakegen debian, better Download
229 completed aemakegen debian vs bison Download
230 completed aemakegen debian, build-depends libtool Download
231 completed aemakegen debian, again Download
232 completed aemakegen test manpages Download
233 completed aemakegen pkg-config Download
234 completed aedist refactor, tar i/o Download
235 completed aede-policy version-info Download
236 completed gcc 4.3.2 build issues Download
237 completed aemakegen debian Download
238 completed aemakegen vs shared libs Download
239 completed aemakegen debian vs lintian Download
240 completed aegis-fastexport command Download
241 completed silence xgettett wanings Download
242 completed aedist refactor: tar back end Download
246 completed aemakegen vs debian Download
247 completed t265a-pmil hangs Download
248 completed input::pointer refactor Download
249 completed input::pointer refactor, take 2 Download
250 completed Italian translation Download
251 completed aede-policy comments Download
254 completed even quieter build Download
255 completed aemakegen vs pkg-config Download
256 completed original icon from MOMA Download
257 completed test regression Download
258 completed develop-begin-early-command Download
259 completed dev dir style vs dev begin cmd Download
260 completed aesub $hostname Download
261 completed aede-policy vs being-integrated Download
262 completed aemakegen noinst Download
263 completed aede-policy vs being-integrated, bug Download
264 completed aedist refactor, receive Download
265 completed AVS nownone open source Download
266 completed aeclean vs -build Download
267 completed weird history utime problem Download
268 completed weird history chmod problem Download
269 completed aeib --minimum vs "build" usage Download
270 completed aemakegen vs soelim Download
271 completed debian change log report Download
272 completed aemakegen vs c++ filenames Download
273 completed aemakegen Download
275 completed aemakegen automake vs check_programs Download
276 completed aemagegen target automake vs check-scripts Download
277 completed aemakegen target=automake vs tests Download
278 completed automake libtool insanity Download
279 completed aemakegen was installing too many scripts Download
280 completed debian/install ing too much Download
281 completed ae-repo-ci man page Download
282 completed another "Aegis" project Download
283 completed aepatch silently ignore build files Download
285 completed ael locks improvements [ aegis-Bugs-2688018 ] Download
286 completed debian-change-log report Download
287 completed aepatch vs multipart Download
288 completed aelock bug Download
289 completed debian copyright generation Download
290 completed aemakegen debian Download
291 completed aesub vs email_address doco Download
292 completed debian policy update Download
293 completed remove Y2K from web page Download
294 completed aedist refactor, receive command line Download
295 completed aecp --as-needed Download
296 completed adapt to Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Download
297 completed aeget typo Download
298 completed aelsf Download
299 completed bash vs .profile Download
301 completed aemakegen vs long lines Download
302 completed aemakegen tweaks Download
303 completed aemakegen vs tabs Download
304 completed aedist refactor, receive man page Download
305 completed DEBUG Related compilation problem Download
306 completed reference site: Download
307 completed aemakegen debian DM-Upload-Allowed Download
308 completed aede-policy reserved-words Download
309 completed aemakegen: vs include Download
310 completed aemakegen: debian/control vs include Download
311 completed slurp domain name Download
312 completed aemakegen debian changelog Download
313 completed aemakegen debian dbg packages Download
314 completed aedist refactor, output_file::create Download
315 completed build problem Download
316 completed aent -edit Download
317 completed aemakgen debian -dev not depend on -dbg Download
318 completed aemakegen debian changelog vs "closes" Download
319 completed aemakegen:noinst Download
320 completed refactor some class change methods Download
321 completed email address Download
322 completed aemakegen vs section 5 Download
323 completed aemakegen debian vs dh_strip Download
324 completed aedist refcator, sub-ommands Download
325 completed downcase some file names Download
326 completed project_ty::file_directory_query Download
328 completed RMCH typo Download
329 completed g++ 4.4 more Download
330 completed aemakegen debian vs shlibdeps Download
331 completed attributes missing from man pages Download
332 completed aemakegen debian vs standards version Download
333 completed aemakegen debian vs make check Download
334 completed aedist refactor, send glitch Download
335 completed aemakegen vs XX Download
336 completed aesubunit man page Download
337 completed tweak webiface intro page Download
338 completed reverse project list order Download
339 completed reference site correction Download
340 completed aedist refactor, receive cmd line Download
341 completed aedist refactor, -list Download
342 completed aedist refactor, base85 in/out Download
343 completed aedist refactor, more debug Download
344 completed tests vs mkdtemp Download
346 completed aedist refactor, recieve no-patch-filter Download
350 completed typo in howto Download
351 completed project_ty::file_find Download
352 completed rebuild for x86_64 Download
353 completed new Danish translation Download
354 completed refactor change::file_source Download
355 completed fix version sorting in README Download
356 completed debian package, part 1, build Download
357 completed aefinish -minimum Download
358 completed aenf more careful about duplicate UUIDs Download
360 completed aemakegen(1) Download
361 completed aemakegen vs srecord Download
362 completed aemakegen, again Download
363 completed aemakegen vs rpm-spec Download
365 completed aemakegen vs libdir Download
366 completed aemakegen vs rpm-spec Download
367 completed aemakegen vs rpm-spec Download
369 completed DEBUG vs 64-bit Download
370 completed aemakegen vs yacc Download
371 completed more aeca options Download
372 completed pt_BR translation Download
373 completed aemakegen vs X11 Download
374 completed refactor change::cstate_filename Download
375 completed aemakegen vs distclean Download
376 completed aemakegen vs rpm.spec Download
377 completed refactor change::file_find_fuzzy Download
378 completed aerde-policy vs binary files Download
379 completed Allow linking with OpenSSL Download
380 completed aesub $version magic_zero_decode missing Download
381 completed crank Debian package standards revision Download
382 completed aegrep Download
384 completed refactor string_list_ty::size Download
385 completed aemakegen vs libtool --tag=CC Download
386 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen Download
387 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 1 Download
388 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 2 Download
389 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 10 Download
390 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 3 Download
391 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 4 Download
392 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 5 Download
393 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 6 Download
395 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 7 Download
396 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 8 Download
397 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen, apply, part 9 Download
398 completed aede-policy escape-hyphen Download
399 completed Danish translation Download
400 completed better white-out templates Download
401 completed refactor string_list_ty::size(), part 5 Download
402 completed refactor string_list_ty::size(), part 1 Download
403 completed refactor string_list_ty::size(), part 2 Download
404 completed refactor string_list_ty::size(), part 3 Download
405 completed refactor string_list_ty::size(), part 4 Download
406 completed refactor abbreviate & co Download
407 completed refactor string_list_ty::operator[], part 1 Download
408 completed refactor string_list_ty::operator[], part 2 Download
409 completed refactor string_list_ty::operator[], part 3 Download
410 completed refactor string_list_ty::operator[], part 3 Download
411 completed wide string fix Download
413 completed refactor nstring_list Download
414 completed aede-policy copyight Download
415 completed refactor string_list_ty::string Download
416 completed refactor mbs<->wcs Download
417 completed refactor change::number Download
418 completed change::bogus Download
419 completed refactor aentu to use change_identifier Download
421 completed refactor aeimport sccs, part 10 Download
422 completed refactor aeimport, part 1 Download
423 completed arefactor aeimport/format.h, part 2 Download
424 completed refactor aeimport, part 3 Download
425 completed refactor aeimport, part 4 Download
426 completed refactor aeimport, part 5 Download
427 completed fix DEBUG build Download
428 completed refactor aeimport, part 6 Download
429 completed refactor aeimport, part 7 Download
430 completed refactor aeimport rcs, part 8 Download
431 completed refactor aeimport mktime, part 9 Download
432 completed refactor aeimport, part 18 Download
433 completed refactor aeimport, part 12 Download
434 completed refactor aeimport, part 13, Download
435 completed refactor aeimport, part 14 Download
436 completed refactor aeimport, part 17 Download
437 completed refactor aeimport, part 16 Download
438 completed refactor aeimport, part 15 Download
439 completed refactor change::development_directory_get Download
440 completed refactor aentu to use change_identifier Download
441 completed refactor change::file_remove Download
442 completed refactor change::development_directory Download
443 completed refactor change::integration_direvtory_set Download
444 completed refactor change::history_new Download
445 completed refactor change::logfile Download
446 completed refactor change::bind_existing Download
447 completed refactor change::logfile Download
449 completed refactor chnage::logfile_get Download
500 completed aemakegen vs Debian Download
501 completed aemakegen vs $(LIBS) Download
502 completed ban diff -u from tests Download
503 completed aemakegen vs libdir Download
504 completed t0270 improvement Download
505 completed aediff vs. mismatching UUIDs Download
506 completed aemakegen vs man Download
507 completed aelpf bug Download
508 completed aelcf Download
509 completed aeipass does a project-wide search for files with the same name Download
510 completed transform more functions into methods Download
512 completed aenf sets the file's UUID Download
513 completed aemakegen vs LDFLAGS Download
515 completed aebakegen vs debian Conflicts Download
516 completed aemakegen vs libtool --tag=CC Download
517 completed remove duplicated declarations Download
519 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
520 completed aegis/ uses change_identifier Download
521 completed search globally only when needed Download
522 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
523 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
524 completed memory management fix Download
525 completed prefer aenf -uuid in test scripts Download
526 completed aenf/aent --no-uuid option Download
527 completed aepatch -rec -output Download
530 completed input_ty refactor, step 1, introduce input_ty::pointer Download
531 completed aediff handle errors Download
532 completed Strip fake transparent entries from .pfs files Download
533 completed c532 related improvements Download
534 completed aediff handle errors Download
535 completed aeca --uuid vs. derived files Download
536 completed DEBUG related compilation problems Download
537 completed Convert symtab_* functions to be methods Download
538 completed time-safe history, step 1, use the attribute if available Download
539 completed time-safe history, step 2, set the attribute (finally) Download
540 completed fix aelock man-page Download
542 completed aeimport set the edit.uuid field Download
543 completed fixed/improved Download
545 completed symlink farm vs. user_become bug Download
546 completed clean_exceptions vs. relative paths Download
548 completed aede-policy prints relative path names Download
549 completed aedist -send more robust Download
550 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
551 completed Remove fake transparent entries from .pfs at write time Download
552 completed aesub -bl '${project} bug Download
554 completed DEBUG related errors Download
556 completed aedist -send segfault fixed Download
557 completed fixed small memory management error Download
558 completed aerevml -send vs. used defined attributes Download
559 completed do not propagate the aegis:history_get_command Download
560 completed change::fstate_get Download
561 completed 4.24.x is stable Download
563 completed more memory management fixes Download
564 completed fmtgen prefer %p output formatter Download
565 completed off_t preferred Download
566 completed convert libaegis/ to use %p Download
568 completed convert common/ to use %p Download
572 completed more libaegis/ %p conversion Download
573 completed more libaegis/ %p conversion Download
575 completed more %p conversion Download
576 completed more "fun" with types Download
581 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
582 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
583 completed Improved detection of HURD Download
584 completed Build on 64bit Download
585 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
587 completed [debian bug #490564] FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD fixed Download
588 completed DEBUG vs. x86_64 Download
589 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
590 completed first integration improvement Download
591 completed update italian translation Download
592 completed DEBUG problems fixed Download
593 completed aediff segfault fixed Download
596 completed minor fix for script/ Download
597 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
598 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
599 completed [debian bug #533981] Improve Download
600 completed last? fix wrt file locks on HURD Download
601 completed Fixed testsuite vs. Debian pbuilder Download
602 completed [debian bug #533981] test_magic program added Download
603 completed aegis/ to use cange_identifier Download
604 completed [ #2820524 ] Incomplete fix for CVE2008-4938 completed Download
605 completed aegis/ to use change_identifier Download
606 completed aels/ to use change_identifier Download
607 completed search_path related refactoring Download
609 completed aepatch/ to use change_identifier Download
610 completed compat stuff Download
611 completed disable t0218a-pmil on Hurd Download
612 completed typos fixed in man manpages Download
613 completed Avoid ,D removal Download
614 completed small code cleanup Download
615 completed aepromptcmd/ to use change_identifier Download
617 completed aedist -rec uses aenf/aent -uuid/-no-uuid Download
618 completed aetar/ uses change_identifier Download
619 completed aedist/ to use change_identifier Download
620 completed memmem build glitch Download
621 completed more helpful LANG warning Download
622 completed aeipass cleanup attributes if empty Download
623 completed aecp -ind problem Download
624 completed factor out uuid options Download
625 completed Remove outdated links from download page. Download
626 completed filename refactor Download
627 completed assign the same UUID to files with the same name Download
628 completed test improvement Download
629 completed reference site Download
630 completed Improve change_file_promote Download
631 completed aed vs. change_file_promote Download
632 completed test0150a-walt Download
633 completed t0271a-walt Download
634 completed fixed a bug that prevented to have file names with spaces and non ASCII characters Download
635 completed refactor project::search_path_get Download
636 completed refactor path_cat Download
637 completed refactor change::search_path_get Download
638 completed class project Download
639 completed refactor change::pfstate_get Download
642 completed document aexml uconf option Download
649 completed Remove unused aedist -send options Download
650 completed refactor chnge::file_unchanged Download
651 completed refactor change::file_promote Download
652 completed refactor change_file_resolve_name Download
653 completed refactor change::file_is_config Download
655 completed aesub ${change debian-version} Download
656 completed vim mode lines Download
658 completed debug build glitch Download
659 completed make t0279 succeed when rcs is missing Download
661 completed aede-policy line-length vs vim mode lines Download
662 completed aemakegen vs *.uue Download
663 completed vim-mode Download
665 completed aecp -ind problem Download
666 completed t0055 DEBUG related segfault fixed Download
667 completed aegrep --list Download
668 completed aepatch vs summary Download
669 completed lintian is a pain Download
670 completed aedb vs aeb vs removed file Download
671 completed test/02/ false negative Download
672 completed howto move a project, doc bug Download
673 completed aenpr -dir vs relative paths Download
675 completed aemakegen consistent datadir handling Download
676 completed Debian *.la Jihad Download
677 completed Debian *.la Jihad, part 2 Download
678 completed aemakegen vs pkgconfigdir Download
679 completed aemakegen vs pkgconfigdir, oops Download
680 completed aemakegen vs compiler comments Download
681 completed aemakegen --target makefile Download
682 completed aeget vs no devdir Download
683 completed refactor output filters, part 1 Download
685 completed refactor output filters, part 2 Download
686 completed refactor output filters, part 3 Download
687 completed refactor output filters, part 4 Download
688 completed refactor output filters, part 5 Download
689 completed aedist -send -no-uuid Download
690 completed aemakegen vs parallel Download
691 completed centos build problem Download
692 completed aede new files vs transparent Download
693 completed refactor change::find_file Download
695 completed gcc 4.6 rebuild Download
696 completed web site screw up Download
697 completed aemakegen vs debian Download
698 completed refactor change::file_uuid Download
699 completed [debian bug #610984] file uuid vs move Download
700 completed [debian bug #610985] aecp -ind bug Download
701 completed [debian bug #643347] -Wformat-nonliteral Download
702 completed aemakegen vs rpm Download
703 completed aemakegen vs rpm, take 2 Download
705 completed aede-policy vim-mode Download
706 completed aede-policy reserved Download
707 completed aechown user-state bug Download
708 completed quiet build Download
709 completed grandparent merge Download
710 completed silence some build warnings Download
711 completed aecp -ind -odir Download
712 completed aecp -ind -odir, again Download
713 completed aecp -ind -odir, again Download
715 completed refactor change::completion_timestamp Download
716 completed refactor aemakegen, part 1 Download
717 completed remove find_sizes Download
718 completed remove cklinlen Download
719 completed remove aemanifest Download
720 completed refactor aemakegen, part 2 Download
721 completed aelcf --quote Download
722 completed refactor aemakegen, part 3 Download
723 completed refactor nstring::substr Download
725 completed document file attr aemakegen:noinst Download
726 completed common/sizeof.h Download
727 completed refactor aemakegen, part 5, tarball Download
728 completed png2ico => convert Download
729 completed common/gcc-attributes.h Download
730 completed common/debug.h Download
731 completed refactor aemakegen, part 4, yacc Download
732 completed <cassert> Download
733 completed refactor aemakegen, part 6, i18n Download
735 completed aemakegen lib bug Download
736 completed aemakegen: noinst vs man pages Download
737 completed aemakegen uninstall Download
738 completed aede-policy man-pages Download
739 completed refactor aemakegen, part 7, aegis subclass Download
750 completed do not re-sort aet -sug Download
751 completed aefa --report Download
752 completed refactor change::file_path Download
753 completed refactor aemakegen, part 8, build tarball Download
755 completed fix man page includes Download
756 completed debian-package vs lintian Download
757 completed refactor aemakegen, part 9, bug Download
759 completed refactor aemakegen, part 10, promote queue Download
760 completed refactor aemakegen, part 11, abstract process_item Download
761 completed refactor aemakehen, path 12a, process_data Download
762 completed refactor aemakehen, path 12b, process_data Download
763 completed no flint Download
765 completed aemakegen, path 16, flavours Download
766 completed refactor aemakegen, part 13, output Download
767 completed aemakegen bug Download
768 completed refactor aemakegen, part 14, recursive mkdir Download
769 completed aemakegen, vs includedir Download
770 completed aemakeen vs .libdir Download
771 completed aemakegen vs debian install Download
772 completed aemakegen vs section 3 man pages Download
773 completed refactor aemakegen, part 15, utils Download
775 completed aemakegen --target=rpm-spec Download
776 completed aemakegen, $(EXEEXT) vs debian Download
777 completed fix regression when handling new file UUID Download
778 completed aemakegen, debian/rules vs redundant licences Download
779 completed aemakegen, yacc vs makefile Download
780 completed automake, selective AR and RANLIB Download
781 completed watch out for trigraphs when quoting C strings. Download
782 completed aemakegen, make sure Download
783 completed aemakegen, default static library Download
785 completed aemakegen, test *.in Download
786 completed aemakegen, debian section=doc arch=all Download
788 completed aemakegen, test uudecode Download
789 completed aemakegen, errors for common problems Download
790 completed aemakegen, doc packages to doc section Download
791 completed aemakegen, don't install test_* scripts Download
792 completed aemakegen vs pdf Download
793 completed aemakegen vs shared lib major number Download
795 completed is_a_locale_name Download
796 completed aemakegen, localization install for man pages Download
797 completed aemakegen install_doc vs i18n Download
798 completed aemakegen, where aegis installs stuff Download
799 completed aemakegen, mandir on demand Download
800 completed aemakegen, vs etc/ Download
801 completed aemakegen, more Aegis' own "lib/" directory Download
802 completed fmtgen revisited Download
803 completed aemakegen vs etc/profile/ Download
805 completed aemakegen vs aegis' test_funcs Download
806 completed aemakege, vs aegis' aedefault.css Download
807 completed gcc -mtune=native Download
808 completed aefind --delete Download
809 completed use package 'iso-codes' to validate LANG settings Download
810 completed quantal build problem Download
811 completed quantal build glitch Download
812 completed LP PPA on download web page Download
813 completed debian-package every 5 integrations Download
815 completed aemakegen, vs empty Depends fields Download
816 completed aemakegen, refactor common yacc processing Download
817 completed aemakegen, vs aegis man pages Download
818 completed aemakegen, confirm and refactor fmtgen Download
819 completed msgmerge --quiet Download
820 completed aemakegen, confirm lex(1) processing Download
821 completed aemakegen vs pkgconf Download
822 completed aemakegen vs man pages again Download
823 completed aemakegen, vs autoconf *.in files Download
825 completed aemakegen vs i18n again Download
827 completed aemakegen, refactor uudecode Download
828 completed aemakegen vs locn of test progs Download
829 completed aemakegen vs lc_messages Download
830 completed aemakegen include dependency bug Download
831 completed additional dependencies for Download
832 completed fix splines in man pages Download
833 completed more spline repairs Download
836 completed aemakegen vs $(libdir) Download
837 completed aemakegen vs datarootdir Download
839 completed aemakegen vs Download
852 completed aemakegen vs Debian fakeroot Download
853 completed aemakegen vs $(libdir) Download
855 completed verify Debian packaging Download
857 completed aemakegen vs deeper progs Download
859 completed aemakegen, debian/rules Download
860 completed aemakegen, debian Breaks support Download
861 completed debian package fixes Download
862 completed aemakegen, vs doc-base Download
863 completed aemakegen, vs common.po Download
866 completed aemakegen, debian/control vs extended-description Download
867 completed another example project Download
868 completed aede-policy attribute vs white space Download
869 completed another example project Download
870 completed refactor change::file_revision_path Download
871 completed gource extractor Download
872 completed how-to copy a project Download
873 completed cope with architecture in multi arch Download
875 completed debuild --changes Download
876 completed ae(1) Download
877 completed aeclone cmd line Download
878 completed aemakegen vs po/* Download
879 completed aeatch vs '\0' Download
900 completed add support for additional architectures. Download
1000 completed Improve packaging for RHEL Download
1001 completed Clean up for Debian Download
Listed 615 changes.
See also the Project History page.
A similar report may be obtained from the command line, with
ael project-history -p aegis.4.25

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