Aegis 4.25.D510
Files for Download

This page contains links to files which may be downloaded. These files include the source code for Aegis, and all of the documentation for Aegis. There are also links to some of the libraries you will need to build Aegis.


The Source Files

File Name Description
aegis-4.25.README The README file from the tar distribution.
change_log.txt The release notes, detailing what has happened in this release.
aegis-4.25.lsm Brief description in LSM format.
aegis-4.25.spec RedHat package manager (RPM) specification file, from the tar distribution.
aegis-4.25.D510.tar.gz The complete source. The complete source, in aedist format. This is used by Aegis developers and maintainers. (First timers should read the How to become an Aegis Developer section of the How To for instructions.)
debian/ prebuilt Ubuntu 12.04 precise amd64 binary packages
aegis-4.25.faq Frequently asked questions, with answers.



Build Depends

If you use a package-based install, the package system takes care of all of this for you, so don't be alarmed.

If you are building with the aid of apt-get, use this command to install all of the devel packages need for an Aegis build:

sudo apt-get build-dep aegis

In order to build Aegis from scratch, including its build dependencies from scratch, there are some other packages you will need to download and build and install, if you haven't already...

bison bison, for building tarballs
bzip2, libbz2-dev The bzip2 compression library (implements the bzip2 compression algorithm). Used to compress change sets for distribution, and to optionally compress Aegis' database.
cdbs cdbs, for building Debian packages, if you are an Aegis developer
Cook Cook, for building Aegis itself, in an Aegis repository, if you are an Aegis developer.
Optional for testing aegis tarballs.
cssc cssc, for testing tarballs
cvs cvs, for testing tarballs
debhelper debhelper, for building Debian packages.
ed coreutils, for testing. Usually automatically present.
fhist fhist, for Aegis developers, and for testing tarballs.
flex flex, for testing tarballs
gawk gawk, for building and testing
gettext GNU Gettext internationalization library. (If you have GNU Libc 2.0 or later, you don't need this.)
groff groff, for building documentation, including the tarball
libcurl4-gnutls-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev, used to transmit and receive data over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
libmagic-dev libmagic-dev, for determining the Mime-Type of files
libxml2-dev libxml2-dev, for building and testing, and also when installed, to be able to read and write XML files.
linux-libc-dev linux-libc-dev, for building
locales used to validate language translation locales, not just building and testing
patchutils patchutils, for building and testing
perl needed by various scripts, not just for building and testing
po-debconf po-debconf, for building Debian packages
rcs rcs, for testing tarballs
rx GNU Regular eXpression library, if your system does not already have the regcomp and regexec library calls.
subversion subversion, for testing tarballs
uuid-dev uuid-dev, for creating UUIDs
wdg-html-validator wdg-html-validator, for Aegis developers, for building and validating web pages for upload
zlib, zlib1g-dev The zlib compression library (implements the GNU Zip compression algorithm). Used to compress change sets for distribution.

Ubuntu Packages

If you use Ubuntu Linux, there are pre-built packages available for installation using the normal sudo apt-get install method, from this package archive (PPA).

Instructions are available there for how to manually add the PPA to your /etc/apt/sources.list file, but the following commands are sufficient on recent versions of Ubuntu:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmiller-opensource/ppa
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmiller-opensource/aegis
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install aegis

If you already have the PPA installed but not the aegis package, this link apt:aegis should do the install.

(The first PPA is necessary to obtain advance versions of the run-time dependencies, such as Cook and FHist.) The second PPA is the Aegis development branch PPA.


Debian Packages


Aegis' Aegis Repository

Web Interface Aegis developers, the generous people who work on the Aegis source itself, may access the latest development changes through the Web Interface pages.
RSS feed There is also an RSS feed for Aegis, so developers can easily track what is happening, and when they need to resync. The complete source, in aedist format. This is used by Aegis developers and maintainers. (First timers should read the How to become an Aegis Developer section of the How To for instructions.)

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